Stadler Form Lea - aroma diffuser Blueair Sense - air filter and purifier Stadler Form Albert - air humidifier Stadler Form Albert - air dehumidifier


Eliminate cold and flu viruses, chemical allergens, bacteria, dust and asthma triggers.


Prevent skin irritation, dryness of the eyes, mouth, throat and nose, and cracking of wood.


Remove excess humidity and condensation that can cause mould and fungus to grow.


Deliver a cooling breeze around the room quickly, efficiently and stylishly.


Raise the temperature in the room safely and effectively with leading-edge technology.


Discretely freshen the room with fragrances from stylish innovative aroma diffusers.


All About Air is a collection of stylish class-leading products that improve the quality of air in the home or office. Whether you want to purify, humidify, dehumidify, cool, warm or freshen the air, our products deliver the ultimate in performance to improve your health and well-being, all in contemporary designs that will grace any location.

We have made it our business to know all about indoor air and we work closely with manufacturers to deliver products that will measurably improve the quality of air in the home or office. We are constantly seeking and evaluating new innovative design-led products from around the globe that we can introduce to our collection.

As the authorised distributor in the United Kingdom for some of the world's premium brands we listen carefully to retailers, office suppliers, hospitality groups, clinical practices and allergy sufferers to ensure that the products they need, use or sell will exceed their expectations.

If you are interested in retailing any of our collection or have an innovative product that delivers benefits to the air people breathe in and around the home or office then we would like to hear from you.

Our products can be purchased from a number of high street stores and on-line retailers but if you have any problem finding them then please contact us.